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Torpedo Squadron Four - A Cockpit View of World War II - Revised, Updated Edition, 2011


Squadron 4:
A Cockpit
View of
World War II

(First Edition)

Squadron 4:
The Red



Air Group 4 - Casablanca to Tokyo

Dedicated to those who
served in VT-4, VB-4, VF-4,
VMF-124 and VMF-213

VT-4 Simulation for CFS2

By Stavros Andreou

I have created a Torpedo Squadron 4 simulation package for the Microsoft´s Combat Flight Simulator 2 (CFS2) program. This package lets CFS2 users fly a Grumman Avenger or Douglas Devastator on simulations of missions VT-4 flew over Morocco, North Atlantic, Norway, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Formosa, and Japan.

Features of my package include a 39-mission campaign, 5 custom-made aircraft skins (4 for the Avenger and 1 for the Devastator), a Scapa Flow runway, and photos from Airgroup4.com that appear as recon photos in several missions.

Devastator Skin

The Devastator skin included in the package.

Avenger Skin

The North Atlantic Avenger skin,
one of 4 included in the package.

The VT-4 package is free and is available from:


For more details on the package, including hardware requirements and installation instructions, see the documentation included with the package. I can be contacted at:


Stavros Andreou is a programmer living in Salamis Island, Greece, who has served in the military and is interested in World War II aviation. His VT-4 package is dedicated to the men who served in VT-4 during WWII.

If you have an older PC you may need to upgrade one or two components. You can find parts online to upgrade your PC.

Air Group 4 - "Casablanca to Tokyo"
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