List of Photographs

Captain of USS Ranger holds up photo of Von Bulow.
Torpedo Squadron Four aboard the USS Ranger, September, 1943.
German ships in Bodø Harbor under attack.
Commander D. "Woot" Taylor thanks VT-4 pilots and crew.
Memorial Ceremony, Fagervika, Norway.
Presentation to John Palmer.
Douglas "Devastator."
Grumman "Avenger."
A typical practice torpedo attack.
Aerial view of carrier.
Between flights aboard the carrier.
Torpedo Squadron Four Insignia.
Pilots, crewmen, and support staff for Torpedo Squadron Four.
Coordinated practice attack by Avengers.
Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser thanks Ranger's pilots and crew.
Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser.
Commodore Gordon Rowe presents medal to Lt Lee L. "Ham" Hamrick.
"Hutch" and "Woot" - two great skippers.
Change in command.
An echelon of Grumman Avengers.
Pilots Lost in Midair Collision.
Lt Paul J. Davis.
Lt Lee L. "Ham" Hamrick.
Lt Page P. Stephens.
Lt Burton R. "Trex" Trexler.
Signal Officer "Sweating In" a Pilot.
Team Required to Put a TBM Aloft.
Raising the Tail Hook.
The Takeoff.
Landing Training on "Field" Carrier Decks.
Pilot's View.
Strike on Shipping in Ormoc Bay.
Strike on Shipping in Leyte Area.
Strike on Shipping in Manila Harbor.
Strike on Shipping in Philippines.
Kamikaze Hits USS Bunker Hill
"Yellow Peril" (N3N and N2S).
Stearman N2S.
Curtiss SNC-1.
SNJ-3 (AT-6).
Vultee SNV.
Vought-Sikorsky OS2U ("Kingfisher").
Japanese Minisubs Torpedo Mississinewa.
Planes Crowd Deck of USS Essex.
Pilots and Crew Aboard USS Essex.
Close-up of Kamikaze Attacking USS Essex.
Kamikaze Crashes on USS Essex.
Strike on San Fernando Harbor, Luzon.
TBM Recovery Procedure.
USS Essex Gets Great Publicity.
Walter Thomas on "Dime" at Lidy Hot Springs.
Walter Thomas with "Robin," "Dime," and "Buster."
Medicine Lodge Creek, Small, Idaho.
Home on Leave.
Haying with Buckrake.
Fighting Four Signatures.
The "Red Rippers."
Flying Conditions Average.
Painting by Doug Cahoon.
F4U Corsair Takes a Wave-Off.
F4U Corsair from Air Group 4.
Signatures of VMF-124 and VMF-213.
Bomb-Drop on Eiko Airfield, Formosa.
Typical Hanger Deck Scene.
Torpedo Four Strike Areas.
Strike on Lapog Bay, Luzon.
VT-4 Heads for French Indo-China.
Painting by Doug Cahoon - VF-4 Pilot Missing Action.
SB2C "Helldivers."
Strike on Saigon Harbor, Indo-China.
Torpedo Four News.
Stike on Saigon River, Indo-China.
Strike on Saigon River, Second View.
Heading for Saigon, Indo-China.
Strike on Saigon.
Robert Sherrod Dons Parachute.
Robert Sherrod Gets Bail-Out Instructions.
Cdr Otto Klinsmann Decorated.
Hellcats Over China Coast - Painting by Doug Cahoon.
Mog Mog Island - Painting by Doug Cahoon.
Lt Edward S. Binder.
Ens William F. Walker.
Tail of TBM Just Before Plane Sank.
Don H. Gress, Gerald W. Thomas, and John E. Holloman.
Lt (jg) Thomas Transferred to USS Essex.
VT-4 Over French Indo-China.
Homeward Bound - South China Sea.
Avengers Returning from Targets.
VT-4 Avenger Over Formosa Mountains.
VT-4 Crewmen and Support Personnel.
Headlines Announce Tokyo Strike.
Tokyo or Bust!
Avenger En Route to Japanese Mainland.
Planes Fly Past Mt Fujiyama.
Propaganda Leaflet - "Help Other People."
Propaganda Leaflet - "Japan Is Entirely Alone."
Pilot's View of Carrier.
Headlines - Japanese Surrender.
Headlines - Japanese Sign Surrender.
Admiral Nimitz Signs Surrender Documents.

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Torpedo Squadron Four: A Cockpit View of World War II
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