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1. Operation Leader: Initiation Over Norway

2. Origins of Torpedo Four

3. The North Atlantic

4. Change in Command

5. Tragedy Strikes Night Operations

6. The Pacific Theater

7. Introduction to the Philippines

8. Cavite and Manila Harbor

9. Bunker Hill: Recap and Critique

10. Phylogeny of a Torpedo Pilot

11. Shakedown on the Essex

12. Essex Takes a Kamikaze

13. San Fernando Harbor

14. Meanwhile, Back on the Ranch

15. A Question of Security

16. Support for Mindoro Occupation

17. Flying Conditions Average

18. Marines Replace Dive Bombers

19. Forbidding Formosa

20. More Strikes on Philippines

21. US Landings on Luzon

22. South China Sea

23. Saigon Takes Its Toll

24. Air Group Commander Lost: Pescadores

25. In the Drink

26. From the China Sea to Formosa

27. Premonition at Amami O Shima

28. En Route to Tokyo

29. Window and Jammers over Japan

30. Iwo Jima

31. Bombs and Propaganda for Japan

32. Okinawa

33. More Kamikazes at Ulithi

34. Torpedo Four Heads Stateside

35. World Again at Peace

36. Readjustment

Appendix: Abbreviations

Index of Names

Index of Places, Ships, Etc

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Torpedo Squadron Four: A Cockpit View of World War II
Copyright © 1990-2000 by Gerald W. Thomas