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Torpedo Squadron Four - A Cockpit View of World War II - Revised, Updated Edition, 2011


Squadron 4:
A Cockpit
View of
World War II

(First Edition)

Squadron 4:
The Red



Air Group 4 - Casablanca to Tokyo

Dedicated to those who
served in VT-4, VB-4, VF-4,
VMF-124 and VMF-213

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Torpedo Squadron Four - A Cockpit View of World War II -- New Edition 

Torpedo Squadron Four - Sample Chapter

Air Group 4
 • Captain Gordon Rowe Interview 
 • WWII Dive Bomber Found in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland 
 • Preparing for Combat in the Pacific
 • Marines΄ Flaming Hell on Iwo
 • Suicide Tactics: The Kamikaze During WWII 
 • History of USS Ranger (CV-4) 
 • Airmen Missing in Action and Prisoners of War from Air Group 4 
 • Food Will Win the War -- And Shape the Peace that Follows 
 • VT-4 Simulation CFS2 
Torpedo 4
 • GQ Jitters - Daily Journal of a VT-4 Crewman
 • Memories 
 • Saigon Takes Its Toll: A Follow Up
 • The Day O΄Mary Died 
 • Back to Deadwood After Two Wars
 • I Chose the TBM!
 • The Best Section in Torpedo 4
 • A Radioman Becomes a Torpedo Pilot 
 • Norway to Tokyo
 • A Country Kid Joins the Navy 
 • "A Gunner΄s Vow" 
 • Living on Borrowed Time
 • From Boot Camp to World War II and Korea
 • The Navy Didn΄t Need Plumbers 
 • From World War II to the Cuban Missile Crisis 
 • Electronics in VT-4
 • Remembering "The Candyman"
 • Vertigo, the Expanding Square, and Combat Experiences
 • In Keeping with the Highest Traditions
 • Lt(jg) Edward S. Binder
 • Remembering Frederick Howe, 1900-1944 
 • Three Photos
 • A Tribute to TBM Avenger Air Crewmen 
Bombing 4
 • A Few Things Remembered about Air Group 4 (Basically VB-4) 
 • Aboard the Ranger and Beyond 
 • Donald Dondero and Chester Knozek Bail-Out Over Manila Harbor
 • The Ring 
Fighting 4
 • The Lost Pilot/Artist
 • A Kamikaze, a Dogfight, a Splash-Down, and a Typhoon
 • A Tribure to Lt Cdr Keene G. Hammond, Skipper of VT-4
Marine 124/213
 • War Diary of Two Marine Squadrons: VMF-124/VMF-213 Aboard the Essex
 • Diary of Col Kersey -- Marine Pilot
 • Colonel Howard James Finn, VMF-124
 • My Military Recollections
 • One Man΄s Journey
Operation Leader
 • Norway: A Grateful Nation Remembers 
 • USS Ranger Veterans Return to Norway 
 • Operation Leader - October 4, 1943 
 • Operation Leader: The German View 
 • We Survived 
 • An Amateur Astronomer in the German Army 

Book Reviews 
• Life and Death Aboard the USS Essex by Richard W. Streb 
• History of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II by Robert Sherrod 
• Avenger at War by Barrett Tillman 
• Corsair: The F4U in World War II and Korea by Barrett Tillman 
• Hellcat: The F6F in World War II by Barrett Tillman 
• TBM/TBF Avenger in Action by Charles L. Scrivner 
• Fighter Squadron Fourteen "Tophatters" by Thomas F. Gates 
• Wildcats Over Casablanca by John W. Lambert 
• Thunder Gods: The Kamikaze Pilots Tell Their Story by Hatsuho Naito 
• Typhoon: The Other Enemy by Captain C. Raymond Calhoun 
• Halsey΄s Typhoon by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin 
• Flight of the Avenger: George Bush at War by Joe Hyams 
• USS Ranger: The Navy΄s First Flattop by Robert J. Cressman 
• In Their Own Words: True Stories and Adventures of the American Fighter Ace by James A. Oleson 
• In Their Own Words: True Stories of American Fighter Aces. The Final Chapter by James A. Oleson

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Torpedo Squadron Four: A Cockpit View of World War II  (Online Book)

Fighting Squadron Four: The Red Rippers  (Online Book)

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